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National League. The only elite promotion/relegation league in GA.

Georgia Alliance FC chooses to compete in Georgia Soccer and US Youth Soccer because we believe that everything in life is earned and not given. The lessons that are learned on the field are applicable to every day life and we are not just coaching soccer players but we are also guiding the future.

Georgia Alliance FC will have the opportunity to frequently combine the top players from each club to play in tournaments and college showcases. National League teams are available in the following age groups on the boys side:


2006 (U14)

2005 (U15)

2004 (U16)

2003 (U17)

2002 (U18)

2001 (U19)

*On course to qualify, will be available in the spring if progress continues.


Training locations will be Life University and Campbell Middle School Stadium

Staff will coordinate which locations the team will train at based off which location is the most convenient to the make up of the team. It is possible that the locations could be split to accommodate all meaning practice at Life one night, and Campbell the others.

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